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Results and Impact

Thanks to generous support from community members like you, our impact is far-reaching and we are able to serve hundreds of families in need each year. As an agency, we are focused on providing a hand up not a hand out. We are all about relationships and helping our neighbors become self-sufficient. We make follow up calls to check with clients to see how they are doing and if they are meeting their short and long-term goals set with the NNH Case Manager. 

Take a closer look at our impact for the month of December 2016: 

  • Individuals receiving services: 442
  • 31 out of 153 families were new clients
  • Meals distributed through food packages: 11,638
  • Prescriptions filled: 5
  • Utility bills assisted: 39
  • Percentage of utility bills paid by client: 19%
  • Percentage of utility bills paid using NNH funds: 81%
  • Miscellaneous items distributed: 7,001