Teen Program

Until last year, our Children’s Education Program focused on students in grades K-8. With a high demand for teen programming, NNH developed the Next S.T.E.P. (Support + Training + Employment = Prepared) program for high school students last year. The program focuses on giving high school students both the financial resources and support to make positive, impactful choices for their futures.  Students in the Next S.T.E.P. Program spend 20 percent of their time in training and the rest of their time working in our thrift stores. Students are able to earn their own money, build their resumes and develop valuable workplace skills through employment in our thrift stores.

To expand our reach even further, we started the Teen Club Afterschool Program this year. Teen Club serves as a building block for teens to eventually enter the Next S.T.E.P. program in their junior and senior year. We provide academic support to help students improve their grades and test scores through both the Next S.T.E.P. Program and Teen Club.

Teen Club and the Next S.T.E.P. Program are open to high school students living north of the river. For more information, contact Stephanie Hayes at 423-267-2217 or