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Our Case Managers share their stories of helping Chattanooga neighbors in need: 

Case Manager's Corner: 

#1: Tammy* (a resident of Soddy Daisy) is a married mom of two with an autistic 8 year old son. Her husband has worked for the same company for 25 years, but they got into debt because of medical bills for their son and some bad financial decisions with credit cards. As a result, they had to file for bankruptcy and only take home $700 each month. They came to the NNH as a last resort to get help with a high utility bill. They had never had to ask for help before.

Our case manager was able to assist them with the bill, provide them with some budgeting assistance, and provide a referral to Consumer Credit Counseling to get further budgeting help. Tammy set goals with our case manager and plans to be in a better spot financially toward the end of this year. She was so thankful that there was an organization like the NNH for her and her family in North Hamilton County in her great time of need.

#2 Greg* has an engineering background and over 28 years in manufacturing management experience but was laid off. He started an interview process for one company several months ago. Starting out he was one of 200 applicants and after 25 interviews with the company he was competing with one other man for the job but he found out recently that he didn’t get the job. He was devastated. Through the appointment, he discussed with our case manager that he use to donate food to the Soddy Daisy Food Bank and that he usually gave to Goodwill once a year and how he felt his life was coming full circle from being someone who gives to someone that is seeking assistance. After discussing what he was to pay for his electric and water bill and what we would pledge, he broke down in tears and told the case manager how thankful he was for our help. The case manager was also able to give him a gas card to go to another interview that he had coming up. He told the case manager that once he gets back on his feet that he will be donating to us from now on and shopping at our thrift stores.

Our Stories

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