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2024 will be a year to celebrate. Click here for a complete list of upcoming events.
Proud Past. Bright Future
Celebrating 100 Years!

In February 2024, the Northside Neighborhood House will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Since 1924, the Northside Neighborhood House has been a steadfast and unwavering resource to our neighbors. And our mission has remained the same for 100 years-to create relationships with and connect neighbors to resources to support their path to stability and opportunity.

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Each thread of our organization has been woven together, creating a quilt of commitment that binds us all.

In 1924, Rose Longgley and Emily Page Schlesinger noticed neighbors without blankets living in substandard housing in the North Shore community. The ladies recognized that bedding was a concern for mothers who were trying to keep their children warm. As a way to provide much needed resources and valuable life skills, the women taught sewing and quilting as a means to self-sufficiency.

Quilting laid the foundation of the Northside Neighborhood House a century ago.

As we move into the next century, responding to the needs of the community, NNH is committed to investing in relationships with and connecting neighbors to resources that support their path to stability.

Tell Us Your Story

We want to hear from you! As part of our 100 years, we are celebrating the lives, people, and organizations who have been impacted by or volunteered with the Northside Neighborhood House. Tell us your story, and you could be featured as part of our 100-year anniversary celebration!