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Northside Neighborhood House Celebrates 100 Years! 

Inspired by their mission to aid those in need, the Northside Neighborhood House was founded in 1924 to give a helping hand to the community. For 100 years, we have walked alongside our neighbors, creating relationships with and connecting neighbors to resources to support their path to stability and opportunity.  

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100 Years of Impact

In these challenging times, when the cost of living is continuously increasing, our neighbors are becoming increasingly vulnerable. With your generous support, we can empower students, families, and communities through providing educational opportunities and helping remove barriers for our neighbors not just to survive, but thrive.

Supporting Northside Neighborhood House can make a difference in the lives of people from North Hamilton County. As we invest in the community, we can collectively improve the quality of life for everyone.

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We are an agency that provides the community with the ability to give individuals and families “a hand up, not a handout."

Special Events

Not So Silent Auction
Not So Silent Auction
The Not So Silent Auction is a fun spin on a charity auction unlike any other, with lively games and a wide selection of food from Chattanooga’s best restaurants.
Stuffing Strut
The Stuffing Strut is a family-friendly 5k that exclusively supports nonprofits in north Hamilton County.
Seasonal Distributions
Each year, the Northside Neighborhood House supports children and their families by distributing items collected from across the community, ensuring “Back to School” and Christmas are extra special.